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Mar 24, 2012 12:00am EDT
doesn't typically foul a lot. they've still got a couple give indiana already over the limit. jim: that's the second on teague. davis down to seven. jim: they feel like it's a tight game in that situation. jim: four on the shot clock, indiana steals it. to watford. davis is out of position now. watford in the paint. zeller, put back. 82-77. indiana has responded. 16 for zeller. that's going to be a foul there on indiana. clark: oladipo. jim: that's it for oladipo., get coverage of the division one women's basketball tournament. they lose one of their star players, oladipo averages 11 points a game. he had 15 tonight. on top of that, he's an all big ten defender. see that disappear. clark: you see his fire, he's disappointed he'll have to watch the rest of this one, trying to inspire his teammates to fight and come all the way back. don't miss his ability to go off the dribble. just from an athleticism standpoint, he brings a lot. so roth replaces oladipo, he's a terrific three-point shooter. jim: kentucky sends its terrific shooter, lamb, to the line f
Mar 4, 2012 11:00pm EST
. susan mcginnis is in indiana tonight in one of the hardest hit areas. >> reporter: the pews at st. francis xavier church in henryville were packed for emotional services. parishioners wiped away tears and hugged each other. by day's end the pews were overflowing with donated clothing. outside the church, smoke and gyms rolls out the barbecue to see grateful crowds. >> lot of times in these situations people don't get any hot food. so we decided to come down and cook for everybody. >> reporter: nurse penny mitchell drove five hours from chicago to help. >> miss neil? >> reporter: she went door to door checking on residents like june new who said she feels blessed in the midst of the devastation. >> there's a lot left. look around you. there's a lot left. >> reporter: but the death toll rose on sunday, 15-month-old angel back cock who was found alive in a field died of her injuries. a curfew remains in effect from 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. officials fear looting and want to keep people safe from things like downed power lines and gas leaks. the downtown area of hard hit west liberty, k
Mar 4, 2012 1:35am EST
miles from her home. susan mcginnis begins the coverage tonight from henryville, indiana. >> reporter: first responders combed through the rubble searching for tornado survivors. >> we just hope that we've not left any stone unturned at this point. >> reporter: the crew in henryville, indiana picked up a photo album they hope to get to it owner. >> after the fact they'll say that's the only picture we found of the family we have left. >> reporter: the tornado demolished the townsending a school bus into a building, dropping a tractor-trailer on a gas station and shearing the walls off of homes. >> i've seen some of the most incredible and intense damage i've ever seener. >> it headed into eastern kentucky cutting a path of destruction 52 miles long. >> reporter: the national weather service is saying it's an f 4. >> it's in the violent category that most tornadoes never come anywhere near to. >> reporter: one young survivor is recovering in louisville. rescuers found the 2-year-old in a field near her home. in ohio a twister tore up the town of moscow killing two people and a few peop
Mar 3, 2012 1:35am EST
reached more than 20 people throughout indiana, kentucky and ohio. many of these states tonight declaring a state of emergency. images seemingly made for movies but their horror is real. violent and massive tornadoes tearing through the heartland. when the twisters were gone, the devastation and almost every town looked the same. entire neighborhoods left in ruins. warning sirens sounded all throughout the day. tornado after tornado came roaring through a corridor made up of parts of alabama, indiana, connecticut and ohio. and -- kentucky and ohio. not everyone could get through safety. >> she was in the bathroom the whole time. i tried to calm her down but she's pretty upset. >> reporter: the local high school was the only safe place to go. >> we had quite a bit of property and structural damage. but 1300 children and somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 employees unharmed. >> reporter: it wasn't the same in indiana. at least 10 are dead in that state with the number expected to rise. once the storm cleared, the residents could be seen looking for survivors. they told the assoc
Mar 31, 2012 1:35am EDT
school bus driver. that is a guardian angel. meet angel perry. she drives a school bus in indiana. her town was clobbered by a tornado earlier this month. it was a tornado packing winds over 200 miles an hour. and it's bearing down on perry's bus and 11 frightened kids inside. she is in the middle of a route. she is trying to make it home but then she decides to floor it and get back to the school. she pulls in and calmly but quickly gets everyone off that bus making sure all 11 kids are accounted for. >> 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 -- come on. 10, 11. go. go, go. just moments later, that tornado picks up the empty 18-ton bus and flingz it across the parking lot hammering into the wall of a restaurant. the bus driver angel perry saved those kids. she is a true to life hero. >>> in columbus, ohio, not so much a hit and run but a hit and run away. what the driver hit was a convenience store. surveillance cameras captured it. the lady drives up and hits the gas one more time instead of the brakes. there she goes. that suv plows into the store. slim jims, rotissary weaners are going everywhe
Mar 26, 2012 11:00pm EDT
blew a 22 point lead against indiana, one against atlanta, both at home, both against playoff teams. tonight they faced the lowly pistons and it was deja vu all over again. michael phelps in attendance tonight. game tied up in the second. wizards down 2 after blowing a 13-point lead. a jumper to fall to tie things up, but the pistons weren't done. stuckey brings the ball up the court, shoots a high arcing jumper and that was it. wizards lose 77-75. >> got to put teams away. when you've got teams down second half, fourth quarter, you've got to put teams away. you can't go off on your own. we've got to put them away. this is three straight times. and we haven't learned that yet. >> nick was back on the ice this morning going through his first workout with the whole team since january 6th. he said afterwards he's not 100%, but definitely getting there. the nationals heading down the stretch of spring training. beat the astros 7-4. wilson ramos two for four with an rbi. just hours before he took the mound today, landon found out he will be the national fifth starter. davy johnson has so
Mar 9, 2012 1:35am EST
where an indiana drug dealer was arrested and subsequently had his cell phone call log searched by police. the officers didn't have a warrant or permission to do so. the appeal court ruled in favor of the police. the u.s. judge says the restrictions on warrants are relaxed with the passenger of a motor vehicle. >> i wouldn't be surprised to see an officer push the envelope but i would think a prudent officer would carefully read what the judge wrote. >> reporter: the ruling can only be enforced in the seven circuit jurisdiction. however, it may very well serve as a precedent in washington because the judge's opinion are held in high regard. >> it's certain anything he says is going to be given some degree. >> reporter: if you find yourself to be given up why you are phone without being arrested, he gives this advice. >> just because they're stopped doesn't mean you have the right to give up your fourth amendment rights. >> reporter: in the indiana case, the police used the suspect call log to try him to a drug dealing ring. that suspect was later convicted and sentenced to 10 years
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)